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                Leaders From Panyu Intellectual Property Office Meet In Audiowell For Guiding Wo

                2012-07-05 Company News
                        On July 4th, 2012, Mr. Lai Jianqiang, deputy director of Panyu IPO, and two accompanied IPO officers visited Audiowell, meeting her members of intellectual property dept. in terms of intellectual development and management. To be first, Mr. Lai highlighted the importance and necessity of intellectual property. "The development of intellectual property work of domestic enterprises means a lot to enterprises in Panyu District during their transition period, and it helps to ensure a healthy economic improvement for us", Mr. Lai said.
                        In the meeting, representative from Audiowell delivered a presentation to the officers about the development history and implementation process of intellectual property in Audiowell, and made a report about staffs, working contents, intellectual property system, and implementation of our intellectual dept.
                        After the meeting, Mr. Lai and the accompanied officers visited our Show Room and Standard Lab. They spoke highly of Audiowells innovational ability, and they expressed their expectation that Audiowells intellectual property work will reach a higher level,  and Audiowell will act as a positive model in Panyu districts intellectual property work.

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